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Clarke County, Alabama
Clarke County, Alabama


Clarke County Historical Museum
116 Cobb Street Grove Hill, AL 36451

At the intersection of U.S. Highways 84W and 43 in Grove Hill stands the Clarke County Museum. With its pristine exterior, white picket fence, and ample lawn shaded by oaks, magnolias, and pecan trees, this plantation plain-style home invites passers-by to stop for a glimpse of the old South.

The museum, formerly the Alston-Cobb House, was constructed in 1854. Within its walls lies a treasure trove of Southwest Alabama history.

Clarke County Historical Museum

One of the most popular exhibits is the fossils of the Zeuglodon, a prehistoric whale that swam in the ocean waters that once covered the county. Many early settlers used fossilized whale vertebrae in the chimneys or foundations of the homes they constructed.

The museum also features exhibits on the Native Americans who once lived here, the Civil War, Clarke Countians who fought in the two World Wars, and the county's historic rural life. An antebellum kitchen is, of course, situated away from the main house, and it shows visitors how early housewives or their servants once went about the business of cooking and keeping house.

Traveling exhibits also come to the museum, and temporary exhibits have been set up to showcase Clarke County quilt makers, early steamboats that plowed the rivers on either side of the county; and Clarke County's sports heroes.

Pioneer Day

An event that has become an annual attraction is the Pioneer Days festival at the museum. The building and grounds become a living history exhibit for visitors interested in how syrup was made from sorghum or ribbon cane; the way a pioneer wife washed her family’s clothes; how cotton was cleaned, combed, spun, and eventually woven into fabric; and other early techniques. Pioneer Day is held on the second Saturday in November.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are always needed to help with various exhibits at the museum. If you have the time to help, please call the museum at 275-8684.

Friends of the Museum

The museum receives a great deal of its funding from donors and grants. If you'd like to become a member, sponsorships are available at various levels, and each level brings an increasing assortment of membership privileges. The "Friends of the Museum" giving levels range from $5 for a student membership to $1000 for a Grand Patron. Call Kerry Reid at 251-275-8684 for more information. Memberships and contributions are tax deductible.

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