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Clarke County Judge of Probate

Probate Court
The Alabama Constitution established the Probate Court as a court of limited jurisdiction to have original and general jurisdiction over the following matters:

  • Probate of Wills
  • Granting of Letters Testamentary and Letters of Administration and the Revocation of Same
  • All Controversies in relation to Executorship or Administration
  • Settlement of Accounts of Executors and Administrators
  • Sale and Disposition of the Real and Personal Property belonging to an Estate
  • Distribution of Estates of those who Die without a Will
  • Appointment and Removal of Guardians and Conservators for Minors and Incapacitated Persons
  • All Controversies as to the Right of Guardianship and/or Convervatorship and the Settlement of their Accounts
  • Name Changes
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Legitimation of Children
  • Adoption of Minors

Any case can be removed to the Circuit Court, and appeals of Probate Court decisions are removed to the Circuit Court. However, once a case goes to the Circuit Court it stays there until it is finally settled.

Other Duties

  • The Probate Judge is required by law to preserve all documents required by law to be recorded and/or filed in his/her office.
  • The Probate Judge is the chief election official in the county and serves on the Appointing Board and the Canvassing Board, along with the Sheriff and Circuit Clerk.
  • The Probate Judge is responsible for the sale of Marriage Licenses and may perform Marriage Ceremonies.

These are generally the duties of the Probate Judge and her office in Clarke County. Other counties in the State of Alabama may have other duties and responsibilities (i.e. selling tags and licenses and chairing the county commission.)

Clarke County is very fortunate in that its records room is very spacious.

The records have been preserved since the early 1800's, and they are accessible to the public. The records room is a haven for genealogists. Some records have been removed to a special genealogy room in the Courthouse basement that is also accessible to the public.

Contact information:

  • Becky Presnall, Judge of Probate
  • Renee Luker, Chief Clerk
  • Sylvia Fuller, Recording Clerk
    114 Court Street - P.O. Box 10
    Grove Hill, AL 36451
  • Phone: 251-275-3251
  • Fax: 251-275-8427
  • Email: